• Energie

    Het goed verwarmen van een woning is essentieel. Onze innovatieve oplossingen zorgen voor een optimaal binnenklimaat.

  • Ventilatie

    Ventilatie is essentieel voor de gezondheid van de bewoners. Maar de levensduur van een gebouw kan ook aanzienlijk worden verkort als er onvoldoende ventilatie is.

  • Bouw

    Bij het bouwen van een woning zijn er veel aspecten waarmee we rekening houden. Hieronder vindt u onze bouwoplossingen.

To a new world

Ubbink. From a demand-driven product provider to solution-oriented total partner.

The energy transition is going to change the world considerably.

The world is going to be faced with major challenges over the next decade. The population of our planet is increasing every year. And the demand for more homes will also increase. Meanwhile, there is increased demand for faster, cheaper and sustainable building. With better insulation, ventilation and weather protection.
The result of population growth is a changing climate. And this means we are faced with the immense task of energy transition. Sustainability is the credo. More than ever, new technologies and better integration of solutions are necessary to ensure energy is used responsibly.
The role of the operational professionals in construction technology has become crucial. They are the designers of this changing world. Without them, there will be no change.

The world of construction technology professionals is changing rapidly.

These are exciting times for those professionals in construction technology who are dealing with energy efficiency, a healthy indoor climate, and the protection of buildings.
Because the work of these professionals is crucial (for the achievement of the actual energy transition and the optimisation and efficiency of the construction chain), it will undergo profound changes in the coming years. And this is due to a number of important factors:
  1. Construction technology professionals are being placed under a magnifying glass by customers and clients who are looking critically at the ways in which the theories of sustainable living are put into practice.
  2. These professionals are expected to continue to lead the way in technology and to provide an adequate response to the changing demand for sustainable building solutions.
  3. The supply of qualified personnel is increasingly lagging behind the growing amount of work.
  4. The construction process is digitising more and more. With the consequence being that design and installation routines have to be redeveloped.
It is therefore a major challenge for all construction technology professionals to be able to solve increasingly complex problems with growing efficiency. This requires a reliable partner that makes it easy for these professionals and offers a total solution.
The good news is: that partner is here. Trusted, solution-oriented and within reach. No contractor, installer, calculation engineer, wholesaler, consultant or other professional has to do it alone.

The world demands total solutions. The world needs Ubbink.

Ubbink has undergone major developments on a regular basis for more than a century, and in recent years has grown from a demand-driven producer of construction and installation products to a solution-oriented total partner. As a think tank of knowledge and experience, Ubbink has become a partner that completely unburdens professionals in construction technology. And because Ubbink has undoubtedly been supplying high-quality, innovative and reliable products for the construction and installation world for many years, they realise that more is needed in the world of the future.
This means, in addition to an extremely advanced product range (in which ease of installation and smart applications predominate), professionals in construction technology can now come to Ubbink for everything required to meet the complex challenges of the future.
Smarter solutions for changes in regulations, for example. Smarter knowledge services such as support with calculations. Help to increase the productivity of the installation. The configuring of solutions. 

Ubbink creates these new solutions in close partnership with the construction technology professional. In a wide range of applications in houses and other buildings:

  • Safe and sustainable heating (heating appliances, solar and heat pumps).

  • ​Comfortable and efficient ventilation (a pleasant indoor climate and a ventilation solution that contributes to lower energy consumption).

  • Protection of the building envelope (watertightness, airtightness and sustainability of the building construction for roofs, façades and timber-frame construction).