• Énergie

    En neuf comme en rénovation, Ubbink facilite l’installation de systèmes performants et faiblement énergivores dans les logements individuels et collectifs.

  • Ventilation

    Ubbink permet de maîtriser la ventilation au sein du logement tout en garantissant un confort optimal dans l'habitat.

  • Bâtiment

    Lors de la construction d'une maison, nous prenons en compte de nombreux aspects. Vous trouverez ci-dessous nos solutions de construction.

Ubbink | Corporate ID

Our logo is the most forceful component of our visual identity. In our long history, our visual identity has changed to adapt to its time. We have revitalized the logo for a new episode and according to new standards. Our new visual identity breathes modernity and responds to our ambitions in a strong digitized and online world.
The aesthetics, distinctiveness and familiarity have been preserved to stay connected with our customers. We call it an evolution, not a revolution.

The brand colors

Square & landscape logo

We have a square and landscape logo. Dependent on the application, the best suitable variant can be chosen for maximum and best visibility.

Applying the logo

The logo elements
The Ubbink logo includes two elements, the symbol and the word mark. The word mark is always placed right from the symbol for the landscape version or below the symbol for square version. The proportions are defined precisely.

Respecting the whitespace
Applying the logo, demands respecting the white space around the combination of the symbol and wordmark.

Respecting the total logo and its colors
The Ubbink logo is always the combination of the symbol and the word mark. The symbol and/or word mark cannot be used as separate items functioning as a logo. The only allowed colors are represented below. Any other combination of colors is prohibited. In case of placement on solid backgrounds, the symbol, word mark and claim are to be used in white.

The dont's

Color variations

There are various possibilities to vary the application of the logo. The white logo on red and or anthracite are the most common ones. But in general, the colored logo on white background is the preferred variant.

There will always be challenges coming where you will be in doubt. Consult your local marketing team. 


Below you can download the logo's in square and landscape versions. The files are grouped per color mode.

Logo in RGB (web/screen)
Logo in CMYK (professional printing/applications)
Logo in PANTONE/PMS (professional printing/applications

Need help?

We can imagine that along with applying our brand logo, questions arise? Or that you need additonal files for specific needs. No worries, we're here to support you.

Reach out to the Marketing Team

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