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    Ventilation is essential for the health of residents. But the service life of a building can also be considerably shortened if there is insufficient ventilation.

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Ventilation Tile Inline VEPAC Slates 300mm x 600mm

Article number: 294660

Ventilation Tile Inline VEPAC Slates 300mm x 600mm

Article number: 294660

Ubbink's UB11 (380mm x 285mm) is an in-line unit with a multipurpose base which will provide inconspicuous ventilation in natural and manmade slate roofs. Can be installed with either 500mm x 250mm or 600mm x 300mm slate vents. Ubbink's Vepac (382mm x 398mm) is an in-line unit which should not need trimming when installing with 600mm x 300mm slates. Vepac vents are suitable for high or low level ventilation in roofs of 25° and over. Each vent has a slotted inhibitor to keep out large insects and vermin and provides a free vent area of 10,750mm². For the UB11 vent to be converted into a terminal add a vepac connector and lower pipe 100140294605


    Article number294660
    GTIN / EAN8713645179070
    Price20.06 GBP
    Valid from01/06/2021
    TypeRoof Terminals
    Trade nameVepac


    Height65 mm
    Length gross384 mm
    Net weight0.56 kg
    Width400 mm




    Self adhesiveno
    Ventilation capacity 10,750 mm2


    Roof angle (max.)55
    Roof angle (min.)25


    Gross weight0.65 kg
    Number per packaging1
    Packaging / Trade height350 mm
    Packaging / Trade length590 mm
    Packaging / Trade width390 mm
    Packaging of unitUnpacked