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Air Excellent AE34C Valve Adaptor 125mm 180°

Article number: 188399

Air Excellent AE34C Valve Adaptor 125mm 180°

Article number: 188399

An AE34C (DN75/63mm) duct accessory. Use AE34C seal and click rings to make airtight mechanical connections (airtightness class D = ATC 2 up to +/- 2000 Pa).

  • Low system pressure loss due to radial design
  • Airtightness class D/ATC 2 up +/- 2000 Pa, which minimises fan energy use and sound production
  • Modular manifolds, which can be used with all duct types
  • Semi-rigid ducts on a roll and airtight mechanical connections, which are extremely easy to install
  • TÜV SÜD and ISEGA tested and certified, REACH compliant


Article number188399
GTIN / EAN8713645223346
Price30.68 EUR
Valid from2/11/2020
Trade nameAir Excellent


Height134 mm
Length gross392 mm
Length nett (working length)352 mm
Net weight0.3469 kg
Width234 mm


Diameter79 mm
Insert length side 1 45 mm
Insert length side 2 45 mm
Number of connections2


Gross weight0.35 kg
Number per packaging1
Packaging / Trade height134 mm
Packaging / Trade length397 mm
Packaging / Trade width234 mm
Packaging of unitUnpacked