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How do Ubbink ductwork systems achieve class D/ATC2 air-tightness when installed?

Air-Excellent.jpgUbbink ductwork systems achieve class D/ATC2 air-tightness when installed by using purposed-designed mechanical connections, which are easy, quick and safe to install without ‘screwing and gluing’ and/or using adhesive tape. The reproducible high quality means even inexperienced installers can install an airtight ductwork system.

The below plastic connection mechanisms are class D/ATC 2 airtight (Air Excellent up to system pressures of +/- 2,000 Pa and Aerfoam up to +/- 200) can be installed in a few seconds! 

Do you want to know more about the Ubbink high-performance, plastic ventilation ductwork systems for residential buildings?